#5 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Spin | Speed | Control (2019)

As Tables Tennis sport is growing in the world many ping pong paddles came into the market. You can get many cheap budget paddles but if you are an intermediate or advanced player then you should go for bigger brands or higher budget. 

Higher budget paddle has great spin, speed, and control that cheap paddle doesn’t have. However, if you are a beginner Player then I will personally suggest you go with the cheap racket as it will make your base of playing TT. You can buy paddles either from Offline or Online choice is yours.

There are Many pricing filters such as under 50 dollars, 100, 150, 200, etc. Where people have a too low budget or some people has too high, I will suggest you identify your playing style after that choose your budget. After that those paddles will be the value for money. 

It doesn’t matter if you are blocker, attacker, defender, chopper, penhold. We have every type of TT Quality Paddle listed here that is value for money. Master of the TT has their own custom made a racket that they use in their tournaments because they know their style how they play so they change their rubber accordingly. Size and Weight of the paddle matter more for a Good TT player so understanding own playing is also a crucial part of improving the game. 

Top Performing TT Padle

Our Best Ping Pong Paddles for 2019

best ping pong paddles

Stiga Pro Carbon

    Speed 99
    Spin 100
    Control 80

Best TT Rackets


Stiga Pro Carbon

Speed 9
Spin 9
Control 8

Great Value for Money

Great Durability

Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL Tenergy 80 FX

Speed 9
Spin 9
Control 7

Good Performance

Good Spin

Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1

Speed 10
Spin 9
Control 7

Sleek Design

Good for Spinners

DHS Hurricane II

Speed 9
Spin 9
Control 7

Good Speed

Great Durability

Stiga Evolution

Speed 8
Spin 8
Control 9

Great Durability

Great Control

How to Choose TT Table Tennis Paddle for You

Most of the people can buy expensive ping pong paddle but if they don’t know their playing style or maybe they are playing for the first time then it will be a pure waste of money. So it will be better option if you can buy beginner type of paddle then move on to the advanced. 

While Choosing best paddle you will have to check a lot of factors such as their build material for better speed, spin and control. An attacker player will not play with a defensive racket and a defensive player will not play with attacking racket so there is a difference between player to player. 

Different Type of Players

In this world you will get all type of players such as beginner, intermediate, advanced. So we will discuss each of them and how those players select their best ping pong paddle. 


Beginner player should always focus on the movement of their hand rather than buying best TT paddle, because that’s what important for beginners after all. Just take a basic racket and you are good to go. 


Majority of the game won by the intermediate players because they have already lost many times, that their anger wants to win more games than losing. Well, Joking apart! These type of players know when to attack, spin, defend. So they should get a better racket than the basic one, as they can able to utilize their racket to the full potential. 


Advanced players has some good style of playing they focus on each hand movement while playing. At this time they know that if they have attacking style then they will go with heavy type of paddle so that they can able to play drives anytime to knock their opponent. Or if they want to block or chop then lighter racket will be preferable. 

Paddle Attributes

Paddle Attributes will help you to understand the basic requirement of a racket and judging a racket by taking it on hand and playing with it. 


If your racket has good speed then you can able to return your ball pretty fast and accurately than giving slow lazy returns where your opponent can smash you down. So Speed plays a major role in any TT racket out there. 


Now you already have speed, what if you could spin the ball at the same time then the difficulty would be double for your opponent to return the ball. 


You have everything speed, spin, right movement and basic structure. However, if you can’t play in a controlled way then you may lose lots of matches that you can’t help. That’s Why in starting play more subtle way and increase your playing style slowly according to the paddle you have. 

Your shots should be more consistent and adaptable rather than playing aggressively without any plan. 

Parts of Racket that Helps Speed, Spin and Control

Two of the main parts of racket are known as rubber with sponge and blade with handle. 

Blade with Handle

Blade is a part of wooden block that is flat round in the figure where you hit the ball. It has 5 to 9 layers of wood or carbon or titanium carbon, it all depends on the racket. 

Wood blades are heavy comparatively to carbon or titanium carbon blades. As Carbon blades are lighter thus it helps the player to play the game effectively. 

3 types of handle that can be defined as: Flared, Anatomic or Straight

A Flared handle is wider in the lower part so when smashing you don’t throw your precious racket to the opponent. And Anatomic is wider in middle so that it fits in your hand pretty easily. 

Straight are always straight from top to bottom. I will personally suggest you go with flared handle as it is the most popular one. 

Rubber with Sponge

The rubber helps the ball to friction so that it can spin, bounce fast, control. The thickness of rubber and Sponge vary so it’s spin and speed attributes. The more Sticky rubber is the more ball will spin so check the rubber according to your needs and then decide.

Top #5 Best Table Tennis Paddles

#1. Stiga Pro Carbon

best Ping pong paddles

Weight 185g

#2. Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5-FL Tenergy 80 FX

best ping pong paddles

#3. Killerspin JET 800 Speed N1

best table tennis rackets

#4. DHS Hurricane II

best TT paddles

#5. Stiga Evolution

best paddle for table tennis


So now you have already seen the top 5 best ping pong paddles, next step you have to take is to buy your racket and win the games in your offices or tournaments. It doesn’t matter where you play but how you play with which racket matters the most.

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